Whitney Houston's Daughter Defends Her Against Rumors

Bobbi Kristina slams actor Tyrese via Twitter for his reaction.

Posted: 07/10/2011 11:40 PM EDT

When rumors started circulating that singer Whitney Houston was dating singer/actor Tyrese Gibson, he was quick to put those ideas to rest.


"Negative blogs, press, blurbs, people spreading negative things," he said on his Twitter page. "Rumors. I rest WELL at night cause none of these things matter anymore. Man if ya'll don't GTFOH w this dumb s--t.. Hahahahahaahahaa... #NEVER... I repeat.. NEVER..!!"


Well these sweet sentiments of his spurred Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, to respond and defend her mother with a few words of her own.


"Lmao @ @Tyrese . . Damn it's like tht?! Hah well to clear it up, TRUSTME, MYMOM WOULD NEVER. Hah #shesroyalty. Wouldn't want em, noworries:),"


And to put the nail on that coffin, Gibson tweeted again a few hours later saying, "I have never and will NEVER date Whitney Houston.. Can't be serious.. Someone must be bored as s--t.. #Stopitplz."


Okay, so that rumor is pretty much dead, but really, do you think that romance would've had a chance?