X Factor's Stacy Francis Responds to Allegations

“I have always been honest,” she says of her past.

Posted: 10/29/2011 10:45 PM EDT
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After reports surfaced that X Factor favorite Stacy Francis had a less-than-humble past, possibly ruining her chances at winning the competition show, the aspiring singer is fighting back.


While Francis admits it’s true she’s been on Broadway and had parts in a few films and television shows, she claims she’s hardly had her shot at stardom.


"I haven't performed in 12 years bcuz I was in a domestic abuse relationship," she tweeted this morning. "And then I was told I was too old."

Since the “secrets” of her past were revealed, Francis has been labelled a fraud. One blog even claims she had a secret child in her 20s. All false, says E! Online. "Stacy stopped singing when she was 30 years old because of that relationship," a source tells the network. "She had some gigs here and there, but she's never lied about that. Were they big gigs? No. She's just wants to get that big break now."


Here’s a silver lining, Stacy: rumors, accusations and haters in the press? All part of stardom. Enjoy!



(Photo: Access Hollywood)

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