Fab or Fail: Keyshia Cole's Two-Toned Mullet

The singer is all about business in the front, party in the back.

Posted: 05/03/2011 01:10 PM EDT
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Keyshia Cole

When Keyshia Cole first hit the scene, her vibrant red locks helped to define the West Coast singer's penchant for bold styles. Her hair history reveals fabulous styles such as a sleek jet black ponytail, a bleach blonde cut and a curly, auburn mane, but the Calling All Hearts singer recently debuted a new coif that could be considered a bit questionable.


During the 14th Annual Entertainment Industry Foundation Revlon Run and a separate performance at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, Cole rocked a two-toned mullet with short light brown locks in the front and cascading black tresses in the back. Though a mullet isn’t typically considered fashionable in any circles, we want to know what you think. Is this hairstyle Fab or Fail? Vote now in our poll.

(Photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com)

What do you think of Keyshia Cole's new 'do?

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