Mom Loses Custody of Daughter After Giving Her Botox

Is giving Botox injections to an 8-year-old child abuse?

Posted: 05/17/2011 04:22 PM EDT
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Last week, San Francisco mother Kerry Campbell made headlines when she openly admitted to Good Morning America hosts that she gives her 8-year-old daughter, Britney, Botox to help the child “tighten up” before beauty pageants. The little girl admitted the procedure hurts, but said she’s glad her mom gives her the injections to prevent wrinkles. Campbell argued that many moms whose daughters compete in the child pageants give their children Botox.


Viewers were appalled and outraged following the show, prompting an investigation into the matter by the San Francisco Human Service Agencies. ABC News is now reporting that Campbell has lost custody of her daughter. The girl is said to be doing well.


While the treatment may be extreme for a child, is splitting up a family the answer? Sound off in our comments!

(Photo: Don Murray/Getty Images)