Jessica White to Debut Skin Care Line This Fall

Jessica White to Debut Skin Care Line This Fall

The sexy model is developing a product perfect for women of color.

Published May 31, 2011

(Photo: Moises De Pena/Picturegroup)

Maybelline spokesmodel Jessica White will soon premiere a skin line developed specifically for women of color. Devise Beauty, a name given to the line by Jessica’s best friend, will address scarring, uneven complexion and other skin issues plaguing African-American, Latina and Asian women. “It's about improving the skin and healing the skin which is basically everything I believe in anyway,” Jessica recently told

The model has joined forces with chemist Maria Ash to develop a line that will focus on the enhancement of our varying skin tones. She believes Devise Beauty will “help out self-esteem” by giving women, especially those with darker tones, the glow they’ve always desired. “I also want to help to heal the outward appearance of a woman and the scars that you may have. I don't believe in bleachers and bleaching the skin to give you that glow. And women of color with darker skin, they feel like it's impossible to achieve a glow, but with this product, it really just enhances a woman skin deep.”

Written by Kimberly Walker


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