NBA and Hip Hop Stars Gather for American Heart Association Fundraiser

The event raised money for sickle cell anemia research.

Posted: 10/03/2011 11:59 AM EDT
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Rajon Rondo Attends American Heart Association Event

Over 20 NBA stars joined several hip hop artists at the Southern Hospitality Showcase 2011 on Friday. The charity basketball exhibition, which took place at Morehouse College Forbes Arena in Atlanta, was created to raise money for the American Heart Association and sickle cell anemia research.


While the NBA lockout is still in effect, players have taken to other ways to keep their skills sharp on the court, and participating in a makeshift fall league is one way to do it. The Southern Hospital Showcase was started by Rochelle Brown, her V Firm PR, and NBA player Marquis Daniels. Players in the inaugural game included Rajon Rondo, Jason Terry, Steven Jackson, Nate Robinson, Josh Howard, O.J. Mayo and Daniels among others. 


"Attendees can expect a perfect blend of the rawness and athleticism street ball is known best for, and the strategies and techniques of professional ball play. We're going to have a great time and raise money for some very worthy causes," Daniels said before the game. 


DJ Irie of Miami handled the music during the tournament and a halftime performance was held courtesy of Def Jam Recordings. Proceeds from the event will benefit Morehouse Athletics, the American Heart Association and sickle cell research.


The exhibition will continue into Houston October 14 and 15 and then play in Dallas October 21 and 22.


(Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images)