Tracee Ellis Ross Gives a First Look at Her Reed Between the Lines Wardrobe

See the actress giving a behind the scenes view of the racks on racks on racks of her new character's fab clothes.

Posted: 10/04/2011 09:17 AM EDT

We love practically everything about Tracee Ellis Ross style both on screen and off screen, so we’re thrilled to have the actress giving an insider look at what to expect style-wise for her new character, Dr. Carla Reed, on the BET original series Reed Between the Lines.

“This happens to be an extremely large closet. It happens to be an extremely full closet. And it happens to be an extremely delicious closet," she promises before going through the racks.

Tracee says the pieces are so good that she borrows them for herself, but don’t expect the same fashion choices she wore as Joan Carol Clayton on Girlfriends. Joan wore mostly suits. Dr. Carla Reed, therapist and mother? Not so many suits,” Ross says. Instead, Tracee worked with the show’s costume designers to create vision boards and looks that capture Carla’s “feminine, strong, eclectic, grounded and open” personality.

Walk with Tracee through the racks and see the clothes in action when Reed Between the Lines premieres tonight (October 11) on BET!

(Photo: Fernando Leon/PictureGroup)

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