Global Week in Review: Netflix Pays Millions to Stream African War Film

Plus, Islamic State militants 'bulldozed' ancient Iraq site.

Visa, MasterCard Moving Into Mobile Pay in Africa

Egypt and Kenya are the first launch sites.

Crowd Kills Girl Suspected to Be Suicide Bomber in Nigeria

Another teenage girl was arrested at the local market.

Zimbabwe's Mugabe to Celebrate 91st Birthday

The lavish party caps his 35-year rule of Zimbabwe.

French Court Hears Claims Police Frisk Based on Race

A Paris court is rehearing a case brought by 13 Black men.

Jamaica Decriminalizes Small Amounts of 'Ganja'

Possession of up to 2 oz. is now a petty offense.

Global Week in Review: Nuclear Talks Between US and Iran Lead to Historic Proposal

At least 70 dead in Bangladeshi ferry disaster, plus more.

Zimbabwe Takes Out Scenes From 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Film

Distributors say the edits hack away too much of the story.

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