Burkina Faso Leader Steps Down, Vote in 90 Days

Protesters force President Blaise Compaore to leave power.

Haiti Plans $266 Million Resort to Woo Tourists

The ambitious plan includes large golf course, beach club.

Zambian President Michael Sata Dies at 77

The late African leader passed away in the U.K.

Global Week in Review: Ebola Cases Surpass 10,000

Plus, Egypt's fertility increases after years of decline.

#BringBackOurGirls: What We Know About the Nigerian Abductions

New report reveals abuse of Boko Haram abduction victims.

Global Week in Review: Dozens More Nigerian Girls Kidnapped

Plus, Spanish nurse is cured of Ebola.

Release of Nigerian Schoolgirls Hangs in Balance

Many are questioning truce after weekend of violence.

Disabled Make Strides in Caribbean After Years of Neglect

A watershed law was passed in Jamaica, signaling change.

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