Nigerian Soldiers Sentenced to Death for Not Fighting Militants

Sentencing comes amid troops' complaints of pay, weapons.

Pakistan Mourns 141 Slain in Taliban School Attack

Most of the victims in the massacre were children.

Global Week in Review: Tens of Thousands Killed in South Sudan Conflict

Plus, three people killed in a hostage crisis in Sydney.

Haiti Takes More Steps to End Political Standoff

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe resigned over the weekend.

Ebola Fighters Named Time 's Person of the Year

Caregivers who combated the epidemic honored on cover.

Global Week in Review: Haiti Protests for Long-Awaited Elections

Plus, doctors treating Ebola protest for better health care.

Somalia: At Least 7 Killed in Double Bomb Attack

Two explosions occurred in crowd and in restaurant.

Kenyan #MyDressMyChoice Campaign Spotlights Women's Rights

A recent mob attack sparked this growing movement.

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