South African First Lady Talks Apartheid and Charleston

"Topic of racism is not heard enough in the news," she says.

Haitians Flee the Dominican Republic

Undocumented locals become refugees in citizenship fight.

Zimbabwe Loses Another Beauty Queen to Nude Photo Scandal

Pageant winner dethroned for second year in a row.

Nigerian Senator-Elect Refuses U.S. Extradition on Drug Charges

Buruji Kashamu placed on house arrest in Lagos.

Akon Lights Up Africa With Solar Energy

Aims to provide electricity for 600 million Africans.

Liberia Is Ebola-Free

World Health Organization declares outbreak over.

#BringBackOurGirls: What We Know About the Nigerian Abductions

UN report: Several rescued women and girls are pregnant.

Israeli President Says Ethiopian Protest Exposes 'Wound'

Israel's Ethiopian community protested racism and poverty.

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