Sierra Leonian Self-Taught Inventor Impresses MIT

Kelvin Doe has become the youngest person in history to be invited to the prestigious university's "Visiting Practitioner's Program."

Posted: 11/21/2012 12:38 PM EST

Sierra Leonian teen and self-taught engineer Kelvin Doe, 16, has already impressed the likes of the top American universities and now a documentary is sharing his inspiring story with the rest of the world.

At just 13, Doe was noticed for his extraordinary ability to create complex electronics out of broken items and spare parts he salvaged from the trash. Completely self-taught, Doe created homemade batteries and generators that helped power his home during the country’s prolonged power outages.

Doe also created his own community radio station, playing music and updating news under the name DJ Focus, and drafting his friends as employees.

In September, Doe became the youngest ever participant of MIT’s "Visiting Practitioner's Program."

The video featuring Doe was produced by for their THNKR YouTube channel and shows Doe collaborating with MIT engineers and sitting down for a meeting with the president of Harvard University.

"Whatever things I've learned here, I will share it with my friends, colleagues and loved ones," Doe said about his initial trip to the U.S.

The teen has already been invited back to MIT as a resident practitioner with the school’s International Development Initiative and to Harvard as a guest presenter at the Harvard School of Engineering.

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(Photo: Courtesy of THNKR)

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