U.K. Teen Punches Woman Over “Smelly Nigerian” Slur

A heated exchange on London’s Tube turned nasty after a white woman insulted a young Black man.

Posted: 01/11/2013 12:20 PM EST

Exchanges between strangers in subway cars aren’t always the most polite, but the recent banter in a London Tube car led to a literal smackdown when a white woman insulted a Black teen, calling him a “smelly Nigerian.”

The confrontation made news after footage surfaced on YouTube.

In the midst of the argument, the unnamed woman can be heard saying, "I wouldn't f-----g touch you. You are f-----g s--t on my shoe.”

She then mentions that her boyfriend is Black.

The teen replies, "OK white princess, queen, Kate Middleton,” and at some point the woman calls the young man a "smelly f-----g Nigerian.”

The young man lunged at the woman, allegedly punching her after he says she hit him with a bottle.

Later, rapper Cidz Carnage, believed to be the young man involved in the dispute, reportedly tweeted Tuesday, “Oi some racist women was giving it to me today, then she hit me with a bottle then i f----d her over dumb b---h.”

The tweet was since deleted, however, after news of the attack spread. Cidz Carnage has been on the receiving end of a barrage of racist tweets deriding his decision to hit the woman.

“What the f--k is a smelly n----r like you doing in a white country? Go back to africa!,” one tweet read.

“Ever wondered why there is so much ethnic violence on public transportation in London? Multiculturalism doesn’t work. #FACT,” another user tweeted.

The altercation is the latest of a stream of racist incidents stemming from London Underground riders. In November 2012, a Tube passenger was fined for spitting on a Polish man in a racist outburst and in May, a woman was jailed for five months for her racist rant on the train.

The punching incident is being investigated by local police. 

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(Photo: Youtube via WikiNews24x7)

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