The 411 on Hepatitis C

What you need to know about this deadly liver infection.

Kevin Hart Teams Up With Nike Run Club

Comedian hits 5K of pavement with his fans.

STI-Detecting Color-Changing Condoms Aren't Happening

Idea was purely fabricated by tabloids.

June 27 Is National HIV Testing Day

Read more about why we all need to get swabbed.

Cedric the Entertainer Talks Diabetes

Comedian reveals how his parents have him focused on health.

The Danger Behind Butt Injections

Do you know the risks behind the procedure?

Major Slim Downs: Stars Who Underwent Weight Loss Surgery

EJ Johnson and others take drastic measures to get lean.

Morgan Freeman: Legalize Marijuana Across the Board

Actor says medicinal weed movement is "a long time coming."

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