Casual Marijuana Smoking Linked to Brain Damage, Study Says

Even those who smoke once a week were affected.

Study: Diabetic Heart Attacks and Strokes Falling

Yet, diabetes is still high among Blacks.

Health Rewind: Air Pollution Kills More Minorities Than Whites

Plus, GOP-ran states have higher uninsured rates.

Over-the-Counter Drugs: A Prescription for Confusion

Used improperly, some of these medicines can be lethal.

Report Projects Health Care Costs to Dip Slightly

Obamacare haters won’t like this.

Commentary: Even "Strong" Black Women Can Kill Themselves

Karyn Washington's death shows suicide affects everyone.

5 Ways to Jumpstart Weight Loss

Shed fat now with these tips.

Commentary: Why Men Need to Care About Dating Violence

Who is teaching Black men about healthy relationships?

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