Black Children Have Higher Risk of Developing Diabetes

New study finds the disease rates are rising in Blacks.

Mercy, Mercy We: Managing Stress in Traumatic Times

How events like Ferguson impact our emotional health.

Health Rewind: Exercise Helps Reduce Black Women’s Risk of Breast Cancer

Black youth watch the most television in the U.S.

Can a New "Tampon" Protect Black Women From HIV?

A new prevention tool could be right around the corner.

Black Is the New Black: Number of African-American Women in Prison Is Rising

Black women are six times more likely to be in prison.

What to Say to Depressed Loved Ones

The dos and don'ts of being there for someone.

Survey Finds 1 in 5 Uninsured Don’t Want Coverage

Many are unaware of their health insurance options.

How Black Barbershops Are Improving Men’s Heart Health

Miss. initiative aims at testing men for hypertension.

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