Can Poor Nutrition Ruin the Sex in Your Relationship?

Maintaining adequate blood flow to the genitals and physical endurance are chemically driven processes that are largely determined by the food you eat — and can affect your sex life.

Posted: 03/22/2012 07:00 AM EDT

A sexually satisfying relationship with one’s partner is a crucial component of any healthy intimate relationship. March is National Nutrition Month, a time designated to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physically active habits.

Throughout this article, you will learn how poor nutritional habits can have a devastating effect on the sex in your relationship and on your overall health and well-being.

Good food, good sex. Bad food, bad sex.

The average American diet is actually a killer of good sex. To fully enjoy the natural delights of good sex, the human body must have the following:

1. A desire for sex

2. Adequate blood flow to the genitals

3. The endurance/stamina to get the job done

It turns out that the desire for sex, maintaining adequate blood flow to the genitals, and physical endurance are all chemically driven processes that are largely determined by the food you eat.

It all starts with desire

The desire for sex in both men and women is largely driven by the sex hormone testosterone. It’s a well-known, scientifically documented fact that low testosterone levels in either gender can lead to low sexual desire. The ability of your body to make adequate amounts of testosterone is based on the raw ingredients that you feed your body through the food you eat.

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