T-Pain Bodyguard Attacks Paparazzi

Posted: 08/03/2010 03:16 PM EDT

Things got a little testy when T-Pain made his way into Sydney's airport Sunday night (August 1).

According to Splash News, Pain's bodyguard had a few words with one of two photographers on the scene before tackling him to the ground and putting him in a chokehold. [See photos here]

Word is the self-proclaimed "rappa ternt sanga" kept walking as the incident unfolded.

"Kirk was holding $15,000 worth of [camera] gear and was staying right out of their way, but this bloke suddenly attacked him," a photographer told news.com. "The police were called and they interviewed the bodyguard before letting him fly home to LA - but Kirk is now nursing a suspected fractured hand."

Pain had just flown in from Perth where he was performing at the 2010 Winterbeatz Festival. The singer has yet to comment on the incident.