See the Trailer for 50 Cent's New Movie "Things Fall Apart"

Take a look at the film that some claim is the best of 50's acting career.

Posted: 03/09/2011 04:54 PM EST
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Interest in the upcoming football drama Things Fall Apart first peaked when its star 50 Cent leaked images of himself looking like an emaciated skeleton. Now we get a better view at what all that weight loss (57 pounds total) was for in the first trailer for the Mario Van Peebles–directed drama.

Fif, who co-stars with Ray Liotta and Van Peebles, plays a football player who "had it all" before being struck with cancer.

The trailer calls the performance "the most critically acclaimed" of 50 Cent's career—though we're not sure how that could be given that the movie hasn't even been screened widely. Judge for yourself in the clip above.


Image:  Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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