Lil Jon Says He's Not Associated With New Adult Film

He filmed it, but he’s distancing himself from Club Lil Jon.

Posted: 04/06/2011 07:23 PM EDT
Lil Jon

Film outfit Vivid Video may be all about its upcoming release Club Lil Jon, but the rapper-slash-producer is distancing himself from the, ahem, adult film. He just released the following statement: “Lil Jon is not currently involved or associated with the release of the Vivid video, titled Club Lil Jon. This is the second of two videos Lil Jon hosted and filmed back in 2005, and has since moved on from this business venture.”

But that won’t stop the company from releasing the movie on Monday. It is the second of two projects Lil Jon completed with the company back in 2005; the first was Lil Jon’s Vivid Vegas Party.