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Chris Brown's Mom Speaks About Son's Past Troubles

Chris Brown's Mom Speaks About Son's Past Troubles

She urges the singer to "deal with it and move on with his life."

Published May 8, 2011

After seeing her son try to improve his tarnished image after 2009's assault charges, legal dealings and recent public displays of anger management issues, Chris Brown's mom, Joyce Hawkins, stepped up to offer a dose of tough love.


“He has to learn to deal with it and go on with his life," she tells Sister 2 Sister magazine. "This is something that happened; it was a huge mistake…it was not good at all. But he is still a human being and we all make mistakes and we live and we go on with it. But he has to own it, deal with it and move on with his life.”


Hawkins also added, “I think he really needs to talk about the situation in itself, what actually happened to Rihanna…so that he can get that out for himself.”


Apart from learning from his past mistakes and working through them, she would also like Breezy to bring home a nice girl someday.


“I wish he could find a decent, down-to-earth girl that he could really love,” she said. “It really brings joy to my heart to see him with someone.”

Written by Dorkys Ramos


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