Lil Boosie's Home Up for Auction

Lil Boosie's Home Up for Auction

Sheriff’s office puts the rapper’s Louisiana house on the block.

Published May 9, 2011

On top of his serious legal issues, rapper Lil Boosie is set to lose his home.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rapper, currently behind bars after pleading guilty to drug charges in 2009, stands to lose his house after the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office announced plans to put the property up for auction. The down-on-his-luck rapper declined to pay a $375,270 writ imposed on the home earlier this year. Now the home may fall back into the hands of its creditor, Flagstar Bank.

Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, is serving a four-year sentence for drug posession and a violated probation. In 2010, he was also indicted on a murder charge that could see him face the death penalty. That same year he released his last studio album, Incarcerated, while in jail.


(Photo: Moses Robinson/PictureGroup)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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