Diddy Dirty Money Clean London Playground

Volunteers were given free concert tickets in exchange for community service.

Posted: 07/12/2011 10:17 PM EDT

Sean "Diddy/Swag" Combs and Dawn Richards of Diddy Dirty Money showed up at a playground in London to help with its cleaning efforts and take a breather from promoting their Last Train to Paris album in the U.K.


On Monday, the duo appeared at the Toffee Park Adventure Playground and Youth Centre along with 50 other volunteers for the Orange RockCorps program. And because a good deed deserves another, volunteers were given free concert tickets in exchange for four hours of community service.


"I been painting," Diddy says. "Nobody really knows this but one of my first jobs when I was 10… It was during the heatwave, I was 10 years old. It was like 110 degrees and I was baking up on this ladder. I was painting this house fuschia and burgundy. It was a crazy colour. I do it all, I do it all baby."


Diddy Dirty Money went on to perform that night at the Wembley Arena.

(Photo: Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

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