Nicki Minaj Denies She Was Assaulted

Rapper takes to Twitter to dispute media reports.

Posted: 07/13/2011 04:47 PM EDT
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Nicki Minaj Denies She Was Assaulted

Nicki Minaj has denied reports that surfaced yesterday alleging she was assaulted in a hotel room tussle. TMZ initially reported the incident, saying she had gotten into a spat with an unidentified man at the Palomar in Dallas before telling a hotel employee to call the police. Today the hip hop star took to Twitter to clear the air.

"The fact that u believe a man either slapped or punched me in the face & didn't leave on a stretcher w/his balls hangin off? #getaF%cknLife" she tweeted defiantly. Minaj went on to bemoan the impact of media gossip.

"The media could pee on ur leg & tell u its raining. You'd believe it. You'd believe u were an adopted martian if TMZ told u so," she tweeted.

The hip hop siren was in Dallas performing on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour.


(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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