Russell Simmons Planning New TV Network

Russell Simmons Planning New TV Network

The hip hop icon aims to deliver a product that offers more integration.

Published September 21, 2011

Russell Simmons is famous for altering the music landscape with Def Jam Records, but now the media mogul has his eye on another industry in need of some change: Television. Simmons, 53, recently revealed his plans to launch a new, culturally integrated television network.

Simmons says today's networks don't really understand diversity, and aren't reflecting an accurate portrait of modern American society.

"[When networks] say diversity they mean segregation. 'Let's do some more Black TV.' Instead, there's all these cultures that should be more integrated properly," he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Networks are a little slow in how mainstream culture is shifting. There's a lack of integration in Hollywood, and I want to address that."

While details of Simmons's potential next media venture are currently still coming together, the hip hop entrepreneur said he planned to put his money where his mouth is.

"Now you've heard about it. It's going to happen," he said.

 (Photo: Adrianna Walters/PictureGroup)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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