Forbes Says Diddy Will Be the First Hip Hop Billionaire

Forbes Says Diddy Will Be the First Hip Hop Billionaire

Magazine gives Puff the edge in rap's race to the 10-figure mark.

Published September 23, 2011

Forbes is weighing in on rap's cash race yet again.

The magazine is predicting that Sean “Diddy” Combs will be the first hip hop mogul to reach billionaire status.

Forbes says that Diddy’s deal with Ciroc could substantially up his current net worth of $500 million. The Bad Boy founder already makes some choice annual profits from the expanding Vodka brand, and he's in line for a massive payout if it's sold. The magazine also cited his stakes in clothing brands Sean John and Enyce, marketing firm Blue Flame and, of course, Bad Boy Records as other strong assets that could help Diddy hit that 10-figure mark.

Birdman, who's been a self-proclaimed Cash Money Billionaire for more than a decade now, took issue with Forbes' prediction. “I think Young Money Cash Money would be the first billion-dollar brand in hip hop,” he told the mag. “We strong and growing every day as a brand and fast. Within the next few years we will be billionaires.”

Other hip hoppers vying for that elusive billi club include Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent

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Written by Alex Gale


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