Troy Davis Tweets Spark Trending Topic Controversy

Supporters say Twitter prevented Davis’ name from trending following his rejected bid for clemency.

Posted: 09/21/2011 02:27 PM EDT
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Troy Davis tweets trending

Although the Twitter trending topic, #Who Is Troy Davis, has now made it to the top trends in many U.S. cities and other locations around the world, some of Davis’ most vigilant supporters claim that the website prevented the initial hashtag #TroyDavis from trending despite the flood of related tweets following Troy Davis’ rejected bid for clemency.

ABC News reports that a Twitter representative denied blocking the topic from trending on Tuesday, however, Twitter has previously stated that it reserves the right to block topics it deems offensive.

Big Boi from Outkast tweeted, “#TroyDavis was the #2 trending topic in ATL [Atlanta] 5 minutes ago, now his name has been removed completely!!! Wowzers.”

Kimora Lee Simmons assured her followers that she would try to ensure the messages would gain traction:

 “Working now 2 be sure twitter doesn't block #TroyDavis or #TooMuchDoubt!! PLS keep tweeting, calling+writing ppl!”


Her former husband tweeted his concern earlier today: "Dear @Twitter  -- is it true that you are BLOCKING all trending topics related to #TroyDavis?" wrote Russell Simmons. 

(Photo: AP Photo/David Tulis)

Do you think Twitter was blocking Troy Davis from becoming a trending topic?

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