Michael Jackson's Doctor, Conrad Murray, Is Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter

Murray was found guilty of the single charge related to Michael Jackson's death.

Posted: 11/07/2011 04:15 PM EST
Conrad Murray Trial Verdict

Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter Monday by a jury of his peers.

As he had throughout the trial, Murray, 58, sat stone-faced and showed little reaction at the verdict. Members of Jackson's family, cried after the verdict was read.


Mother Katherine Jackson told the Associated Press, "I feel better now." Asked if she was confident this would be the outcome, she said, "Yes I was."


Sister LaToya summed up the feelings of many with her single-word tweet: Victory!!!!!!


Murrary was handcuffed and immediately taken into custody without bail until his sentencing hearing on Nov. 29.  "Dr. Murray's reckless conduct in this case poses a demonstrable risk to the safety of the public" if he remains free on bond, Judge Michael E. Pastor said.


Murray faces a sentence ranging from probation to four years in prison.


The Charges


Prosecutors charged that Murray gave Jackson a deadly dose of the anesthetic, propofol, in the bedroom of Jackson’s mansion on June 25, 2009. Defense attorneys claimed Jackson self-administered the dose when Murray left the room, while prosecutors contended that Murray “looked out for himself and himself alone.”

Over the course of the trial, the panel heard dramatic testimony — including that of a tearful nurse who said her efforts to save Jackson were rebuffed by Jackson, who insisted he needed the surgical anesthetic to help him sleep.

Perhaps the most shocking moment of the trial occurred when prosecutors presented a large picture of Jackson's lifeless body on a hospital gurney and played the sound of his drugged, slurred voice, as recorded by Murray just weeks before the singer's death.

Murray declined to testify during the six-week trial but had previously acknowledged to police that he gave Jackson propofol and other sedatives on the morning the singer died.

Outside the courthouse, upon hearing that a verdict had been reached, crowds started cheering and chanting, "Guilty! Guilty!"

During closing arguments, Murray's attorneys attacked prosecutors and their witnesses. Prosecutors countered that Murray was an opportunistic and inept doctor who left Jackson's three children without a father, writes the Associated Press. They said that Murray giving Jackson propofol as a sleep aid violated standards of care and amounted to a secret experiment in which the doctor kept no records.

The jury deliberated for less than nine hours over the span of two days before they reached their verdict.

Twitter Reax


Jackson supporters took to twitter to share their thoughts on the verdict. Star Jones tweeted: "Dang #conradmurray has been remanded to jail pending sentence. "Go directly to jail...do not collect $200. Go to jail!"

Holly Robinson Peete wrote: "Do you think this GUILTY #conradmurray verdict will bring closure? I hope Michael Jackson's soul can just get a rest..."


@terry_terry, however, felt that Murray was scapegoated: "Cant help but feel sorry for conrad murray.  Completely scapegoated in my opinion."

(Photo: REUTERS/CNN/Pool)

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