Racist Trayvon Martin Provocateurs Lose Jobs

A New Orleans police officer said the teen "died” like a "thug" and a Texas student newspaper cartoonist unleashed a hateful illustration. 

Posted: 03/30/2012 12:39 PM EDT

(Photo: The Daily Texan)

Critics of Trayvon Martin should think twice before publicly saying something negative about the teen — they may lose their career.


A police officer and a student illustrator have either been fired or resigned from their positions as a result of their discriminatory comments made about the death of Trayvon — the crime that has struck a nerve across America.


On Monday, New Orleans police officer Jason Giroir was suspended, and has now resigned, for posting offensive comments online about the slain Florida teen. In an article on CNN affiliated website WWLTV.com, Giroir posted a comment saying Trayvon “acted like a thug and died like one.” When a reader named Eddie criticized Giroir and labeled him a racist, the officer replied by saying, "Eddie come on down with a "Hoodie" and you can join Martin in HELL and talk about your racist stories."


The University of Texas at Austin's student newspaper, The Daily Texan, apologized Thursday for a controversial cartoon published earlier this week. Staff writer Stephanie Eisner drew the cartoon featuring a woman reading from a book entitled “Treyvon [sic] Martin and the Case of Yellow Journalism." A bubble next to the woman’s head exclaims, “And then, the BIG BAD WHITE man killed the handsome, sweet, innocent colored boy!!" 


After readers reacted negatively to the cartoon, the newspaper took down the post and announced the illustrator no longer works for the newspaper.


Studies have shown racism still exists in America, but with such a galvanizing force after Trayvon’s tragic death, one would think these types of narrow-minded thoughts and images would never make it out to a public still reeling with pain and disbelief.  


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