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Watch: Racist Alabama Police Officer Calls Black Man 'Boy' After Entering Home Without a Warrant

Watch: Racist Alabama Police Officer Calls Black Man 'Boy' After Entering Home Without a Warrant

That wasn't even the worst of what the cop said.

Published August 3rd

A homeowner in Alabama recorded an uncomfortable moment when police officers entered his home without a warrant. During the exchange, the officers exhibited extremely disrespectful and racist behavior. 

While three Birmingham police officers stand in the home of a man, video captures their response to his frustration. Although we cannot see what happened before the video was recorded, the homeowner continuously says that the officers entered his home with no explanation and no warrant.

“Y’all at least owe me an explanation, this is my home,” the man said. “Do you have papers to show me why you in my home?”

As the man continues to record the police, they continue to show their lack of respect. At one point, one of the officers holds up his walkie talkie to the camera and says “put that on Facebook.”

After a few moments of back and forth with the officers, eventually the man gets them to start to leave his home. However, on their way out they refer to the man as “boy,” which was a common disrespectful phrase that white people used to belittle Black people.

The worst part comes at the very end of the video when the officers exit the house. As they leave the home, one of the officers says, “hands up, don’t shoot.” Many believe that this was a way for the officer to antagonize the homeowner even further.

The identification of the officers has not been released; however, many feel that the homeowner should file a civil rights lawsuit against the police department. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Getty Images)


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