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National News Photos

Justice for Freddie Gray: What's Happeni
Grand jury indicts six officers in the case.
Activists Speak Out on Violence Against
Rallies to take place in cities across America.
Remembering Transgender People of Color
Women of color in particular continue to face a disproportionate amount of deadly anti-trans viol...
How Far a $15 Minimum Wage Goes in 6 US
Los Angeles to raise its rate from $9 to $15 an hour.
What Twitter Said: Best Reactions to @PO
Cory Booker, Shonda Rhimes and others speak up.
10 Powerful Quotes From Malcolm X
Check out these passionate, clear words said by the civil rights icon.
What Twitter Said: Reactions to #ItsBigg
A look at a few tweets responding to the Kennesaw State incident.
#ICYMI: Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?
Plus, formerly homeless student graduates from college.
The Biggest Tech Acquisitions of Recent
Find out which companies made tech titans pay up.
Mothers on a Mission celebrates phenomenal mothers who were inspired by their children to become leaders tackl...
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