Is Motor City “Running on Empty” Or Are Reports of Detroit’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

The city tries to rise up from the ash heap of urban devastation.

Posted: 02/23/2011 10:21 AM EST

Detroit's Mayor David Bing gives his State of the City address Tuesday. A reduction in the most violent of crimes, lower unemployment, an ambitious plan to eradicate vacant houses and lopping $180 million off the budget deficit are some reasons for optimism in Detroit, Bing said in his State of the City address. (AP Photo/The Detroit News, Elizabeth Conley)

Has Detroit reached its tipping point? Is the implosion of the American auto industry a kind of man-made Katrina for the Motor City?  Or will Detroit rise up from its ash heap of urban devastation and round a corner as adroitly and smoothly as a newfangled gas-electric hybrid?

Whether this city, once our most prosperous manufacturing hub and the fourth largest city in the nation (now it’s the 11th), ultimately will make a comeback is anybody’s guess.  But to borrow a phrase from Mark Twain: Reports of its death are an exaggeration.

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