Rap Your Way to NYC and 106 & Park

Get Schooled contest promotes education with a twist.

Posted: 03/08/2011 12:28 PM EST
Filed Under Russell Simmons

BET Networks has teamed with Def Jam Rapstar and the Get Schooled Foundation for a video contest that is one part creativity and two parts fun—all in the interest of furthering children’s education.

The call is out for wordsmiths ages 13 to 19 to drop their dopest rhymes or best spoken word in the span of 60 seconds for a chance to perform their orginal work on the 106 & Park stage. Sounds simple, right? Perhaps.

Contest participants must record a rap or poem about the impact education has had on their lives. Once the completed track is uploaded to GetSchooled.com, entrants will have to face the fiercest panel of judges known to man: their peers. Visitors to the site will cast their vote for their favorite artists until a top five emerges. From there, the finalists’ videos will be judged by a panel comprised of executives from BET, Def Jam, and Get Schooled that will determine the winner. The winner of the contest will perform on 106 & Park and also have the opportunity to meet Russell Simmons and Kevin Liles, two of the biggest star-makers in hip-hop. Get Schooled will also promote the video and the winner’s school online.

Think you’ve got skills? Then submit your video and show the world. But hurry: The deadline to upload videos and vote is midnight EST on March 18. If you’ve already entered, be sure to encourage your fans to vote. Each fan can only vote for a video once, so be sure to get the word out by sharing the video on your social networks. (Enter here.)