Selah Marley's Soul and Style

Lauryn Hill's oldest daughter takes over Teen Vogue.

Posted: 03/16/2011 02:32 PM EDT

Those eyebrows! That warm brown skin! That smile! Lauryn Hill part deux? Why not. The April issue of Teen Vogue features none other than 12-year-old Selah Marley, veteran rapper/singer Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley’s eldest daughter.  For anyone who has ever been a fan of her mom’s, dad’s or granddad’s (aka Bob Marley), Selah is a perfect combination of all the grace and regality of her linage.

Apparently, the aspiring singer (what else would she be?) has a cool style jones too. In the magazine, she sports easy-going, age appropriate mix and match pieces from a few trendy designers like (high) Miu Miu and (low) American Apparel. A few months ago, Selah posted a video of her covering Justin Beiber’s  “Baby.” It was a raspy and raw rendition replete with apologies for “messing up,” but not unlike every other American tween sending a video message to Beiber for his bday, it was infused with more love than a little bit. Spring has come for Selah now; Beiber might have missed the video shout out, but we doubt he’ll miss the gorgeous Teen Vogue spread.


(Photo: Courtesy of Teen Vogue)

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