Nine Percent of Voters in North Carolina Want Deez Nuts as President

15-year-old candidate gaining on Clinton, Trump.

#BLM Protesters Disrupt Jeb Bush Campaign Rally

Activists felt his statements on race were too vague.

#BlackLivesMatter Activists Interrupt Bernie Sanders' Speech

Protesters at event to commemorate Michael Brown's death.

President Obama on Ferguson: 'I Feel A Great Urgency'

NPR releases interview with POTUS talking race.

A History of African-American POTUS Candidates

From Frederick Douglass to Barack Obama and Ben Carson.

White House Celebrates 50 Years of Voting Rights

The president calls for a new Voting Rights Act.

The Road to the Voting Rights Act

The events that led up to the passage of the historic law.

Joe Biden Considering a Presidential Run

VP says his late son Beau would have wanted him to.

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