Clinton: Bush's 'Free Stuff' Comments Are 'Deeply Insulting'

Candidate told crowd that Democrats offer help to Blacks.

Are You a Black Republican?

Right leaning stances, according to Ben Carson.

Ben Carson Says No to a Muslim President

He's at it again. Ben Carson is stirring up the pot.

GOP Candidate Carson: Muslim Shouldn't Be Elected President

Islamic faith is inconsistent with Constitution, he says.

Obama Talks State of Black Women at CBC Weekend

Watch POTUS go in on equal pay, mass incarceration, assault.

Obama Talks Overtime Pay This Labor Day Weekend

POTUS lays out his terms to stop another gov't shutdown.

Nine Percent of Voters in North Carolina Want Deez Nuts as President

15-year-old candidate gaining on Clinton, Trump.

#BLM Protesters Disrupt Jeb Bush Campaign Rally

Activists felt his statements on race were too vague.

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