Barack Obama's Half-Brother Sells Personal Letter

Note reveals president entered politics over civil rights.

Charleston Mayor Wants Confederate Flag in a Museum

"It sends, at best, mixed messages," says Joseph P. Riley.

NRA Board Member Blames Victim for Charleston Shooting

Clementa Pickney is at fault for his own death, he says.

Marilyn Mosby Was on Judge Judy. Here Are 7 More Facts About Her

A quick roundup about the young Baltimore state prosecutor.

Obama Talks First Memorial Day Since War in Afghanistan

POTUS to visit Arlington Cemetery to honor fallen heroes.

Akon's Boldest Political Statements

The singer is more than just a hitmaker.

Obama's Visit to South Dakota Is Little Girl's Dream Come True

POTUS becomes 4th president to stopover in all 50 states.

Mommy's Law: Women Leaders on Their Mothers

Congressional leaders on the advice that helped define them.

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