Ex-U.S. Senate Candidate Alvin Greene Enters Program to Avoid Jail Time

The unemployed vet still dreams of winning public office.

Posted: 06/12/2011 02:59 PM EDT
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Alvin Greene Enters Program

Alvin Greene, the improbable winner of the South Carolina Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate in 2010, has entered a pretrial intervention program to complete counseling and community service that will enable him to avoid jail time for a misdemeanor obscenity charge that he was facing. A felony obscenity charge also is being dropped due to lack of evidence.


The unemployed veteran was arrested in November 2009 for allegedly using an old college ID to enter a computer lab where he showed a pornographic photograph to a female student. Greene, who could have faced several years in jail if convicted, says he’s grateful for the opportunity to enter the program, but contends that he didn’t show a pornographic photo to the student, the Associated Press reports.


News of the obscenity charges didn’t surface until the day after Greene shocked the Democratic Party by winning 59 percent of the vote during the Senate primary. Greene, who raised no money and didn’t campaign, exhibited behavior that caused widespread speculation over his mental and emotional stability. He lost the race to Sen. Jim DeMint, garnering just 28 percent of the vote.


That hasn’t stopped him from continuing to pursue public office. Earlier this year, he unsuccessfully ran for a South Carolina House seat in a special election and, AP reports, he is mulling a run for president.


(Photo: Rich Glickstein/ Landov)