Republican Party Parodies Groupon to Target Obama Donors

A new ad features daily deals for so-called White House cronies.

Posted: 03/13/2012 12:06 PM EDT

(Photo: Republican National Committee)

After years of negative advertising that has included some really ugly stuff, the Republican National Committee has actually found a fun and creative way to target President Obama. Using the concept created by the online coupon site Groupon, the RNC unveiled an ad called BarackOn — The White House Deal for Obama Bundlers.

Bundlers are volunteer fundraisers who collect campaign contributions from donors and then present them to a political party in one tidy package. They are often rewarded with ambassadorships and positions in the administration. Attorney General Eric Holder was a bundler, raising at least $50,000 for Obama’s first presidential campaign, according to several news reports.

The plumiest BarackOn deal is “Ambassador Appointments in Exotic Locales for Obama Donors.” When users view the deal, they are taken to a page full of opposition research about who raised how much, Obama’s alleged patronage to repay donors and the number of fundraising events he’s attended.

The other deals are “Blue Room Meetings With Top Obama Officials at the White House” and “Taxpayer-Funded Venture Capital for Your Shoddy Green Tech Idea.”

Although the president’s re-election team won’t appreciate the motive behind the ad, it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t find it awfully smart and perhaps even wish they’d thought of the idea first.

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