Black Conservative Says Supporting Obama Is Un-Christian

Ron Miller argues—poorly—that Black Christians who support the president “place their Blackness ahead of Christ.”

Posted: 03/24/2011 02:50 PM EDT
Allen West

An African-American Tea Party conservative named Ron Miller, a former Air Force serviceman who went on to work in the George W. Bush administration, is picking a fight with Black Christians who also support President Obama. According to Miller, who’s now a pundit and political writer, Christians have no business backing the president, who Miller says “obviously goes against many of the things that are taught in [the Christian] faith.”

“Whether they admit it or not,” he told Christian news site OneNewsNow, “they place their Blackness ahead of Christ.”

Miller doesn’t expound on any real reasons why a Christian shouldn’t support Obama, nor did he mention any specific policies of Obama’s that stood in diametric opposition to a Christian lifestyle. He just made vague proclamations and left it at that.

Miller is part of a growing cadre of far-right Black conservatives who increasingly and publicly tear down Obama at every chance they get. One of Miller’s preferred candidates for president in 2012, for instance, is Allen West, a former Marine from Florida who won a seat in the House of Representatives late last year. West, who is Black, has decried Obama many times before—“I can’t stand the guy,” he said on the campaign trail—and he’s made it his business to stand opposed to every Democratic effort currently in Congress.

In a word, West is spiteful, but he’s one of Miller’s favorites. In Miller’s eyes, we’re entering the era of the far-right Black conservative.

“Ironically, the election of America’s first Black liberal president, Barack Obama, has sparked its antithesis: Black conservative candidates across the nation insisting that Blacks thrive best according to free market principles and traditional morality,” Miller writes in a new article in Tea Party Review magazine. “Welcome to a brave new world.”

If that’s Miller’s belief, we have to ask: What’s brave about calling the president un-Christian and then offering no evidence to support your claim? Since when is there bravery in being a simplistic naysayer?



(Photo: Courtesy of Facebook)