Rangel’s 2012 Aspirations Shed Light on Term Limits

Limits are essential in changing how Congress presently works.

Posted: 02/18/2011 08:37 AM EST

When I first read the news about Representative (Rep.) Charlie Rangel filing a 2012 statement of candidacy with the Federal Elections Committee for a possible 22nd term in Congress, I initially laughed as I conjectured that the article was somehow meant as a joke.  To my surprise, research indicated that the promulgation of Rep. Rangel’s filing was unequivocal and factual.

Just three months after being censured by the House and convicted of 11 charges by a House ethics panel for improper leasing, concealment of assets and other unethical practices, the thought that someone involved in such crookedness could potentially win an impending election in 2012 was significantly problematic.  It certainly leads one to contemplate a plethora of questions.  For example, should term limits be established for members of Congress, as well as for Supreme Court justices?  Additionally, is anti-corruption reform needed at the federal level?  Relative to both questions, I would humbly answer, “Yes.”

Read the full article at The Atlanta Post

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