When Jealous Ones Don't Envy

If your significant other didn't get upset that you were hanging out with your ex, how would you react?

Posted: 05/09/2013 12:20 PM EDT

On this week’s episode of Let’s Stay Together, Kita had an argument with Troy when he didn’t get jealous about her ex Micah re-entering her life. That got us thinking…would you be upset if your boo wasn’t envious about you hanging with an old flame? Is it understandable if your significant other gets jealous (because that shows concern, love, etc.), or is it just plain annoying? Below are the pros and cons of being in a jealous relationship: 

PROS (He should be jealous because…):

1. It’s proof and reassurance that he cares! 

2. A little jealousy is always sexy.

3. If he’s not jealous, he probably isn’t 100% invested in the relationship anyway.

4. It shows he loves you enough to want to be the only man in your life.

5. A little jealousy is proven to be healthy in relationships. 

CONS (He shouldn’t be jealous because…): 

1. No one has time to deal with a possessive boyfriend.

2. It indicates he doesn’t trust you to begin with.

3. The whole situation would just be plain annoying 

4. It’s proof that your man feels secure enough with you to let you make the right decisions. 

5. All that drama is never good for any relationship!

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