Real Husbands of Hollywood: The Reunion Special

If the Wives can get one, why can't the Husbands?

Posted: 05/09/2013 11:20 AM EDT

Even with all the critical praise, the mitchiness never ends. At least not for the Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Still feeling fresh off the success of their critically acclaimed first season, the Husbands return to the small screen for one night in what can only be described as a "drama-filled reunion of epic proportions."

As stated in the press release:

"Tensions are high as the entire cast reunites in the middle of filming Season 2 to discuss the fun, the fights and craziness surrounding the inaugural season of “the fakest reality show on television.” Hosted by LaLa Anthony, Real Husbands of Hollywood: The Reunion Special sees Kevin, Nick, JB, Duane, Boris and Nelly squashing old beefs...and hilariously creating new ones.

Despite their many issues, the cast can all agree on one thing for certain —
 Kevin is the root of it all. Recently departed cast member Robin Thicke adds to the mix by returning to set the record straight on his relationship with Kevin after abruptly exiting the series last month and original Husband Bobby Brown makes an explosive cameo appearance that is sure to turn heads."

Tune in on Tuesday, May 28 at 10P/9C for the premiere of Real Husbands of Hollywood: The Reunion Special!

(Photo: BET)