Barry Floyd

A staple on network and Cable TV, Barry Floyd has both starred and produced for variety of shows allowing him to actively flex his creativity. Most known for his role as Terrence "Tee-Tee" Carter on The Game, Floyd is ready to take the next step forward and bring new energy to primetime TV.  

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10 Reasons Why Tee Tee Is That Dude

From Cluck Truck to family friend, Tee Tee is the type of guy you want in your entourage.

The Game: It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

The Game embarks on its final season. (6/3/2015)

The Game: Tee Tee Takes Off?

How The Game remains relevant. (6/2/2015)

The Game: Unanimous Side Eye

Exclusives: Reactions to Jason's screwup. (1/15/2015)

Ep. 710 Recap

Tasha gives birth while Chardonnay contemplates whether or not her wedding day will be derailed.
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