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Welcome to's Financial Help Desk, sponsored by Wells Fargo. Here you'll find tips and personal finance strategies to effectively manage your money. As your life changes, so should the goals you set for yourself financially. From planning for college to planning for retirement, the Financial Help Desk is here to provide beneficial steps to see you through. For additional information on empowering your financial future, including interactive financial planning tools and resources, visit Wells Fargo's My Financial Guide.

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Money Monday: 5 Steps to Selecting the Right Credit Card

Selecting the right card for your financial situation.

Money Monday: 5 Ways to Manage the Sequester

Whether you are a furloughed government worker or a college student who is bracing for higher loan rates, here are five ways to manage the 2013 sequestration.

Money Monday: The IRS Goes "Social"

Uncle Sam joins the social networking trend by setting up its tax shop on Tumblr and Twitter.

Money Monday: Do You Know Your Net Worth?

It’s time to figure out where you stand financially today in order to plan for a more prosperous tomorrow.

Money Monday: Time for a Financial Check-up

Keeping track of your financial goals.
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