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Comedian/Actor Having a career spanning over 50 years, William Henry “Bill” Cosby Jr. is one of the most influential forces in pop culture. He’s responsible for creating the multi-award winning, culture-shifting sitcom The Cosby Show, which is arguably one of the most significant series in American history. The respected humorist has given us positive, popular cartoons such as Little Bill and Fat Albert, the college-oriented sitcom A Different World, written numerous books, and recorded a plethora of musical and comedy albums. From acting and hosting to activism and social commentary, Cosby is respected for his many contributions to the entertainment world.

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Bill Cosby Biographer Apologizes for Ignoring Rape Allegations

Plus, tabloid claims star sold out his daughter.

Ex-NBC Employee Claims Bill Cosby Paid Off Women

Plus, Faizon Love defends actor as more accusations surface.

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Blasted for Offensive Tweets Defending Bill Cosby

The hip hop production trio issued an apology following Twitter rant.

Wendy Williams: The Cosby Controversy Gets Hot

Will Bill Cosby return to television? (11/21/2014)

Two More Bill Cosby Tour Dates Canceled

The comedian's Las Vegas and Illinois gigs were axed in wake of rape allegations.

Al Sharpton Is 'Very Disappointed' With Bill Cosby

Comedy idol facing even more accusations of sexual assault.
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