Cory "CoCo Brother" Condrey

Host, Lift Every Voice After getting fired from his first radio position at Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, being homeless for a year, and being told that he wouldn’t be an on-air personality, Cory took a job in a smaller market in Macon, GA with Foxy 107. It only took several months for his winning personality to drive the show to No. 1. After returning to Hot 107.9 he dominated by capturing interviews with hip hop’s biggest artists, but left the show after hearing God call him to a different arena. As host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Spirit and BET’s Lift Every Voice, Cory focuses his soul-saving ministry by use of in-depth spiritual interviews with gospel, hip hop and R&B superstars.

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Lift Every Voice: Erica and Warryn Campbell

Full Episode: Host Fonzworth Bentley interviews Erica and Warryn Campbell. (1/26/2015)

Lift Every Voice: Erica's Musical Dreams

Erica discusses how her and Tina became a duo. (1/23/2015)

Lift Every Voice: Multi-Tasking Gone Wrong

Warryn and Erica explain why they have a housekeeper. (1/23/2015)

Lift Every Voice: What's Jamming

Erica talks about not liking a song Warryn wrote for her. (1/23/2015)

Lift Every Voice: Extra Voices: Blair Underwood and Vanessa Williams, Pt.3

Vanessa Williams discusses her musical experiences. (12/10/2014)

Lift Every Voice: Extra Voices: Blair Underwood and Vanessa Williams, Pt.1

Blair Underwood talks about becoming a triple threat. (12/10/2014)
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