Eric Holder

Nominated by President Barack Obama, Eric Holder became the first African-American U.S. Attorney General in January 2009. Prior to serving as Attorney General, Holder was appointed to various positions by the three previous presidents. President Ronald Reagan appointed Holder as Associate Judge of Superior Court of D.C.; President Clinton as the U.S. Attorney for D.C. and Deputy Attorney General; and President George W. Bush as the Acting Attorney General. In 2007 Holder joined Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign as his senior legal advisor.

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News: Michael Brown Shooting: Should Obama Do More?

Would Obama's presence make a difference in Ferguson? (8/26/2014)

What's Happening in Ferguson, Missouri?

Two days before he would begin college, Michael Brown, 18, was killed Aug. 9 by Ferguson, Mo., police. The tragic death has brought the issue of police brutality back to the nation's attention. The city of Ferguson has erupted in protests and crie...

President Obama's Unfabulous Vacation

Crises at home and abroad overshadow President Obama's annual family vacation on Martha's Vineyard.

BET Wire: Holder to the Rescue

Attorney General Eric Holder reassures Ferguson residents; President Obama condemns ISIS terrorists; Sen. John McCain does the Robot; former President George W. Bush participates in the ALS ice bucket challenge – and more.

Bank of America Agrees to Record $16.65B Settlement

The multibillion dollar deal is the largest government settlement by a company in American history.

Commentary: Eric Holder’s Huge Imprint in Ferguson

The nation’s first African-American attorney general makes an unprecedented journey to the community where Michael Brown was killed.
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