Eric Holder

Nominated by President Barack Obama, Eric Holder became the first African-American U.S. Attorney General in January 2009. Prior to serving as Attorney General, Holder was appointed to various positions by the three previous presidents. President Ronald Reagan appointed Holder as Associate Judge of Superior Court of D.C.; President Clinton as the U.S. Attorney for D.C. and Deputy Attorney General; and President George W. Bush as the Acting Attorney General. In 2007 Holder joined Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign as his senior legal advisor.

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Milwaukee Sheriff to Sharpton: Go Back to the Gutter You Came From

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke says Al Sharpton, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder "owe" Darren Wilson.

DOJ Charges Against Darren Wilson in Michael Brown Shooting Unlikely

Darren Wilson is not expected to be charged with violating Michael Brown's civil rights.

Holder Calls for Better Data on Police Use of Force

The attorney general says the data would protect both police and civil liberties.

White House: US Should Have Sent Other Officials to Paris

More than 40 world leaders participated in the anti-terror march.

BET News: The Killings That Pricked Our Conscience in 2014

Some high-profile deaths have prompted the community to act. (12/23/2014)

Feds Sue NYC Over Rikers Island Jail Violence

Federal prosecutors are seeking to speed the pace of reforms at the New York City jail complex.
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