Latarsha Rose

Actress Polishing up her acting skills at Georgetown University, Latarsha Rose got her big break as a cast member on Bravo's The It Factor. From there, she built her resume with a number of small movie and TV roles before striking gold as Portia in the hit film The Hunger Games. Now the Brooklyn native has found a home at BET, playing Dr. Lisa Hudson on the popular series Being Mary Jane.   (Photo: Jen Lowery / Splash News)

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Being Mary Jane: Dr. Lisa Prescribes Her Own Medicine

Recaps: Lisa is tired of feeling unwanted and unloved. (10/27/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Saying Goodbye to Dr. Lisa

We're going to miss Lisa. (10/27/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Latarsha Unravels Lisa

Latarsha’s search to find Lisa is over. (10/27/2015)

Being Mary Jane: First Look at Season 3 of Being Mary Jane

Sneak Peek: Lisa speaks her truth, but Mama Helen isn’t here for it. (9/1/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Lisa May Be Done With Mary Jane For Good

Lisa thinks her friendship with Mary Jane is over. (3/17/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Lisa Feels Bad for Mary Jane

Lisa is concerned about Mary Jane. (3/3/2015)
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