Michael Eric Dyson

Academic A graduate of Princeton University and professor of sociology at Georgetown, Michael Eric Dyson is one of the most prominent academics in the country. He hosts his own radio show, lectures all around the U.S. and has shared his social and political views on numerous TV shows, radio programs and movies, including MSNBC, where he became an official political analyst in 2011. An award-winning author, the Detroit native has written and edited novels on countless subjects stretching from Nas to Malcolm X to Hurricane Katrina.

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Michael Eric Dyson, Rudy Giuliani Argue Over Black-on-Black Crime

Former NY mayor sympathizes with grand jurors in Wilson case.

Obama: In Too Many Communities Young Men of Color Are Objects of Fear

President Obama provides updates on investigation into Michael Brown shooting.

Commentary: Is There a Dearth of Black Public Intellectuals?

Is there a dearth of Black public intellectuals?

Wall Street Journal Columnist Slams MSNBC's Black Pundits as 'Mediocre'

Jason Riley says MSNBC's Black hosts were hired to race-bait.

Celebrity Birthdays: Happy Birthday, Miguel!

Kim Kardashian, Ciara and Drake also celebrate this week.

This Day in Black History: Oct. 23, 1958

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson was born on Oct. 23, 1958, in Detroit.
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