Republican National Convention

Since 1856, the Republican National Convention (RNC) has been used as a platform to unify the Republican Party, clarify their goals and beliefs (the "party platform") and nominate the party's presidential candidate. Held every four years, the 2012 RNC took place in Tampa, Florida, where former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was selected as the official Republican presidential candidate.

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News: The Election Is Over – Now What?

What’s next after the Republican blowout? (11/7/2014)

Ebony Sends Apology to RNC After Editor's Tweets Cause Firestorm

Ebony Magazine has issued an apologizy to the RNC and Black conservatives for an editor's tweet that caused a media firestorm.

Trending: Top Black Twitter Hashtags of 2013 takes a look at the top trending topics created by the genius of Black Twitter in 2013.

Republicans to Watch

African-American Republicans on the rise.

“Empty Chair” Lynchings Aim at Obama

In a scary nod to both America’s ugly racist history of lynching and Clint Eastwood’s strange “empty chair” speech, chairs were strung up in trees in Texas and Virginia to display distaste for President Obama.

Commentary: Mitt Romney’s Divisive Worldview

Romney is in a self-inflicted storm because of his statements about the electorate — and the country.
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