Troy Davis

Troy Anthony Davis, 42, was an African-American death row inmate in Georgia who was executed on Sept. 21, 2011, at 11:08 p.m. EST. He was convicted in the 1989 murder of off-duty Georgia police officer Mark MacPhail, who was shot and killed while rushing to the aid of a homeless man being attacked in a parking lot.

Davis's conviction and death sentence have sparked an international firestorm of controversy because his conviction was based solely upon eyewitness testimony, with no murder weapon, DNA evidence or fingerprints linking him to the crime. Additionally, all but two of the original non-police witnesses have recanted or contradicted their testimony implicating Davis as the shooter.

Advocates in support of Davis said that there exists too much doubt over his guilt. His case had been heard by the U.S. Supreme Court and had garnered attention from high-profile advocates such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and President Jimmy Carter.

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