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Black Changemakers, Solid Black

Doritos and the PepsiCo Foundation Partner To Celebrate 16 Black Changemakers for Third Annual SOLID BLACK Initiative

Meet the 2023 class of innovators set to receive $50,000 each for driving the culture in their communities.

BET Awards 2023: 3 Heartfelt Speech Moments From This Year’s Ceremony

This year's speeches were filled with gratitude.

BET Awards 2023: 5 Major New York Moments From This Year’s Ceremony

From Ice Spice’s Bronx-inspired set to a showcase of popular dances, New York was very much in the building.
Migos Rappers Quavo and Offset

‘Cleared My Soul’: Offset On BET Awards Performance With Quavo

The two remaining members of The Migos reunited for a stunning tribute performance.

BET Awards 2023: 5 of the Hottest Female Performances From This Year’s Show

The ladies ate and left no crumbs.

BET Awards 2023: 5 Epic Hip-Hop Moments from This Year’s Ceremony

From viral hits to an unexpected reunion, this year’s show had it all.

BET Awards 2023: Sexyy Red Talks Women in Rap, Nicki Minaj and Authenticity

The rapper details her unexpected breakthrough to the music industry.

BET Awards 2023: Uncle Luke Talks Current State of Hip-Hop, Freaknik and Pool Parties

The hip-hop pioneer also discuss the 50th anniversary of hip-hop on BET Talks.
Scar Lip BET Awards 2023

BET Awards 2023: 5 Things to Know About Rapper Scar Lip

The Bronx native took the stage with “Lifetime Achievement Award” recipient Busta Rhymes.

BET Awards 2023: 5 Fiery Moments from Busta Rhymes’ Epic Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute

This performance may have raised the bar for musical tributes.

BET Awards 2023: Tupac's Sister Discusses Painting Done By TLC’s Left Eye Displayed At House Of BET

The legendary West Coast rapper was given the painting during the early 1990s.