Diarra From Detroit: Diarra's Dangerous Dance in Search of Truth

In episode two, Diarra is pulled into a kinky underworld as she delves into the mystery of "Ambien Chris."

In the last episode, Diarra met "Ambien Chris," who ghosted her (it turns out he was kidnapped) but who might also be Deonte Brooks, a child who disappeared in 1995.

In episode two, we learn Diarra has returned to Chris's apartment several times to interview his neighbors. She comes across one of Chris's Jordans in the snow and is immediately alarmed: "No Black man leaves a Jordan on the side of the road unless he's under duress." She also has a keychain with an odd symbol, dropped by the Russian in the previous episode. She takes the keychain, the Jordan, and her suspicions to the police station and spins a wild story about how her Tender date is actually a grown-up Deonte Brooks, who was kidnapped twice. Diarra is convinced that if she finds the Russian, she'll find Chris and solve the cold case. 

'Diarra From Detroit': The Mystery of Deonte: Diarra's Quest for Sleep Leads to Dark Secrets

As she's escorted out for being crazy, an officer in the background eyes Diarra suspiciously and makes a call.

In the meantime, Aja thinks Diarra is projecting her frustrations about the marriage into this business with Chris and invites her women's group over for an impromptu Divorce party. As Diarra is tracking down the meaning of the symbol on the keychain, she's besieged with empowerment julep and unsolicited advice from a bunch of women she just met. Crazy Moni crashes, and we learn her husband has secrets of his own. 

When Diarra learns that the symbol is called the "triskelion" and the keychain is actually "a dom token." She ends the divorce party and recruits Mr. Tea to track down the source of the token. Through some quick detective work in the car, they land at an underground club with the triskelion on the entrance. Diarra enters the dungeon. Tea takes the "gen pop" route" and hits it off with the DJ on the dancefloor. 

Diarra encounters the Russian, who says he wasn't sleeping or performing kinks with Chris. He offers her a molly, and she partakes to keep him talking. Soon, Diarra is rolling and has a busy night. She dances with Tea and his new friend to the techno music she claimed to hate, she's chatting with the Russian and even gets a chance to explore her kinks. During all this, she becomes increasingly suspicious of the Russian and his secretive phone calls and confronts him.

He pulls a gun on her and demands who she's working for and where Deonte is, sounding not so Russian. It was all an act. Once he threatens to blow her brains out, a shot rings out in the club, and he goes down. The crowd flees, and Diarra leaves with the Russian's burner. 

At the end, we flashback to the 1995 disappearance of Deonte Brooks and the news segment that reveals his mother waited twenty-three minutes after disappearing in a shopping mall to look for him.


Who was the Russian talking to?

How is the mother involved in the kidnapping?

Who was the cop spying on Diarra?

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