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Donald Trump Found Guilty On All Counts

The former president was charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records for allegedly covering up a "hush money" payment before the 2016 election. Sentencing is set for July 11th.

Internet Issues Cause Another Delay In YSL Trial

The trial was postponed until Friday, May 31.

White Writer Disguised Himself As a Black Man For Research, Gets Roasted On Social Media

Sam Forster’s “Seven Shoulders: Taxonomizing Racism in Modern America,” has garnered backlash for his research approach.

Michigan Man With Suspended License Drives During Virtual Court Appearance, Stuns Judge

Judge Cedric Simpson was in disbelief that defendant Corey Harris, whose license was suspended, was seen operating his car on Zoom.

Miami High School Students Go Viral For Epic Fairytale-Themed Prom

Under the theme “Once Upon a Time: Does the Shoe Fit?”, the students donned modern fashion portrayals of characters from classic fairytales at Booker T. Washington School.

Marilyn Mosby Sentenced to 12 Months Home Detention & 3 Years Supervised Release

The former Baltimore City State's Attorney was convicted by two separate juries on charges of perjury and mortgage fraud charges and also ordered to forfeit her Longboat Key, Florida condo.

George Floyd Biopic Is In The Works With His Daughter As Executive Producer

Titled “Daddy Changed the World”, Floyd’s daughter, Gianna Floyd, and her mother, Roxie Washington are involved in the film.

LaMelo Ball Sued For Allegedly Hitting a Child With His Vehicle

The All-Star guard is accused of driving over a child’s foot during a team-sponsored fan event in October of 2023.

Judge Rules That Henrietta Lacks Family Lawsuit Can Move Forward

The estate is suing pharmaceutical company Ultragenyx over the use of HeLa cells which was taken from Lacks without her knowledge in 1951.

President Joe Biden Awarded Honorary Degree From Morehouse College

During his speech, the President spoke about the Morehouse tradition and his first-term accomplishments that have benefited Black Americans.

Morris Brown College Surprises Entire Senior Class at Benjamin E. Mays High with Acceptance Letters

Dr. Kevin James, the president of the HBCU, was in attendance at the high school to announce the acceptance of 272 students to the college.