Dreezy Brings Together a Powerhouse Lineup of Female Rappers For 'B**ch Duh' Remix

Dreezy speaks to BET about getting Lakeyah, KenTheMan, and BIA together for the 'B**ch Duh' remix, the importance of female empowerment in the music industry, becoming an independent artist, and more.

Following the success of the original track that had the internet going crazy, Dreezy brought together an impressive lineup of female artists for the remix to "B**ch Duh." In the new track, released today (April 12), listeners can hear an explosive fusion of different styles into one. From the Chicago rapper’s effortless swag, Lakeyah's fierce delivery, KenTheMan's unbridled confidence, to BIA's undeniable charisma, this collaboration is a testament to hip hop's diverse talent and creativity. It is a dynamic and unapologetic anthem that celebrates girl power and self-assurance.

“‘B**ch Duh’ came about with just me being in a studio, popping my s**t, getting in my vibe. I love to just make music that makes me feel confident and makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. It's just one of those songs where I was just really in my element. I put it out, the internet went crazy about it. It was like organic love and everything,” Dreezy tells BET. “So, I thought about an all female remix plus it was Women's Month. When I put the original track out there, I was getting so much good feedback from the female rappers anyway. That's how I chose who I wanted to be on the song.”

She adds that Lakeyah was the first to send her a direct message. “She showed love and said she wanted to be on a remix. So I was like, ‘Of course’ 'cause I love Lakeyah. She's a real spitter and I think she just needs her flowers,” Dreezy says. “And then I saw BIA in the comments. I saw a lot of girls in the comments, but I was really picking girls that I feel like I kinda had somewhat of a little relationship growing with them and we just haven't got around to do a song yet. And, I respect BIA’s pen. KenTheMan, that's my girl. She knew some people on my team and I've always been a fan of hers. It just happened organically.”

She reveals that Saweetie was another rapper supposed to be on the remix but didn't make it on the final version. “I ran into my girl at her listening party and we were out just playing around in her car with ‘B**ch Duh,’” she begins. “I was like, ‘You might as well hop on there’ and she was like, ‘I wanna hop on this so bad.’ She did record her verse and she snapped on it. We decided to do a solo song together but I still just wanted to shout her out for that.”

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Dreezy prides herself on the importance of female empowerment, especially in a male-dominated music industry. “When I'm in a studio and I spit a bar, I be like, ‘Oh, the girls are gonna eat this s**t up.’ I just snap and when I hear another girl doing the same thing, it gets me excited. I'm competitive and even though I wanna win, I could still respect hearing other people that inspire me and keep me going. It's so many different genres of girls coming out now. People are getting so creative, it's inspiring for me to keep going and keep pushing my pen and go harder,” she continues. “We have fun forreal, it’s almost like you see all the guys outside playing football and all the girls over there playing jump rope. I'm gonna go kick it with my girls and I'm gonna play with the guys. Like, you just get the best of both worlds. But, I'm not a hater at all. I embrace the girls. I'm very competitive. I'mma want to have the best verse on the song, but I'm not envious. I wanna see us all win.” 

On March 7, 2024, Dreezy’s 2016 hit “Close To You” featuring T-Pain finally went Platinum, and she says it’s been long overdue. “I'm so happy,” she admits. “It's so crazy 'cause a couple of weeks before it went platinum, I asked my fans, ‘Why is ‘Close To You’ not platinum?’ That's one song that people consistently ask me to play at my shows 'cause I really don't perform it a lot because it's so slow. But you would be surprised that even in the most ratchet lit clubs, they wanna hear ‘Close To You’ so bad. I was just wondering how my most requested song is not platinum.”

Dreezy reveals that she is working on releasing another single, and her goal is to be more consistent this year. “I wanna go to my next single and get y'all some new visuals with that. It's just a fresh start and I'm trying to put a little surprise together for it. So until I lock that in, I don't wanna spoil it. But, it’s gonna come very soon. I'm not waiting this year. Everything's gonna be released back to back,” she adds.

The 30-year-old will also be releasing her first full-length project as an independent artist and plans on crossing over to other genres like Afrobeats. “I'm excited about putting out my first independent project,” she says. “I'm working on putting out singles consistently right now. So when I do put the project out, people really get to eat it up and be excited for it. I don't wanna just drop all my music at once. I got a lot of dope features coming up, can't tell you, but they're big and I'm excited about those.”

Dreezy explains that going independent was not necessarily something that she wanted to do at first, but all the changes within the industry forced her to do so. “It's a scary thing,” she begins. “But, I think it's the best thing for me to do right now. I'm learning about having ownership in the industry and how important it is to learn the business part of your brand. I've been in this for so long. I've been giving my music to so many other people, I think it's just about time that I use everything I learned and boss up in this s**t. I gotta be a boss. I don't like being a slave to nobody. Eventually, maybe if I feel comfortable with a major situation where they talk in terms that I feel comfortable with and I know it's best for me and my legacy, then we'll talk about it then. But right now, independence is just the way,” she says.

Listen to the remix here.

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