Bbymutha: Rapper, Mother, Witch

From reclaiming insults to embracing witchcraft, Bbymutha talks about tackling street tales, religious exploration, and parenthood while challenging mainstream norms.

Brittnee Moore was a single mother with two sets of twins around seven years apart. Before then, she had dabbled in music, fashion, and general creativity since high school. Living in her hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee, she renounced her former moniker Cindyy Kushh for Bbymutha. The change symbolized reclaiming an insult hurled at her by a woman whose famous rapper boyfriend had cheated on her with Moore. 

That idea of brutally honest reclamation would eventually catapult Bbymutha to new heights following the breakout record “Rules” released from her 2017 EP Glow Kit: Blk Girl. From a clever hook, “You can’t give yo p***y to a n***a who not use to getting p***y cause that p***y gone be errbody business,” to some intricate street-level storytelling such as “N***s kickin' in the unit / AK-47 bullets bussin' now we stressin' got to move, switch schools / Lost a blessin' learned a lesson now we barely get to speak / He' in rehab with his mind gone on that PTSD.” 

It was crass, smart, and grounded in Bbymutha’s reality. It would also set off a series of phenomenal projects, including various entries in series like Muthaz Day, Muthaleficent, The Bastard Tapes, and full-length album Muthaland. They’ve all featured tracks that explore the madcapped world of Bbymutha, including her children, religious philosophies, love, sex, street tales, self-affirmations, and everything in between. It’s made fans out of SZA and Bjork while getting some cool features with Rico Nasty and Kelela. She’s unapologetically herself alongside being an accumulation of her big three inspirations in Gucci Mane, Kelis and Three 6 Mafia

“My s**t fall where it’s supposed to fall and if it hasn't fallen there yet, then maybe it’s just not time for it to fall yet,” explained Bbymutha. “I ain’t in no rush to be super duper praised by everybody and I don’t give a fuck. That’s not what I do this s**t for. So I don’t think that I’m underrated. I think I'm just misunderstood and I don’t think I care as much about putting myself out there.” 

Chris Cambell

That nonchalant attitude and self-appreciation came from growing up in two separate households, with her mother being a “super Christian” and her father being a “super Muslim.”  Makes sense why Bbymutha can rap, “He think we datin', I say / "Sorry, I don't fuck wit n***s who don't f**k wit Satan"/  He say, "Jesus is the way" I drink his blood, now let us pray” on tracks like “11:11” so effortlessly. According to her, it made her more adaptable to various religious thought. 

“I grew up resenting Christianity and Islam,” said Bbymutha, who currently resides in Atlanta. The experience taught me to be more open-minded. When it comes to religion in general, I feel like what I practice is kind of just pieces of what I’ve taken from each and every religion that I’ve come in contact with.”

Though that may freak out mainstream Black pop culture, her fandom of Three 6 Mafia makes sense in her approach to more horrorcore lyrics. Doesn’t help that during a bout with homelessness, she found herself stumbling across the occult section of the library. 

“I just started digging my way through that s**t because it made more sense to me than anything I had ever heard before,” Bbymutha explained. “That’s how I got to that point. I do practice witchcraft and things of that nature. It's more black girls into that s**t then you would think.”

For her new album, Sleep Paralysis (named after the condition she’s had since childhood) is diving more into her creativity by diving into higher-tempo UK dance sounds through tracks like “Lines.” According to Bbymutha, outside of experimenting with new sounds, it also serves as a palate cleanser for the project mainly recorded in London. However, tracks like “Gun Kontrol” will more than satisfy longtime fans of the rapper. 

“I switched it up as much as possible and tried to challenge myself to make some music that wasn't so thought-focused,” said Bbymutha about the album, which will be released on April 19th. “Just like how sleep paralysis is like you can’t move your body but your brain is on type s**t, I want the album to be kind of like the opposite of it. I want to be able to turn my brain off and move my body type s**t.”

In the midst of all that, Bbymutha still is a working mom who has managed to involve her kids in damn near everything from music videos and album art to intro taglines like “mommy you’re so cute.” For her, the whole balancing act thing is why she involved them in the first place. 

“I just started to embrace all this s**t,” Bbbymutha said. “It would be sometimes when I first started getting booked out of town and stuff that I would be down to an hour before my flight trying to convince one of my aunties or something. With the kids, it is really just a lot of the time that they are involved because it's safer for us for them to be involved. My second pair of twins, Khloe and Tyler, used to be like three or four years old in the club.” 

Stream the new album here. And check out her upcoming tour dates.

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